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Birthday Parties & Family Fun

Are you looking for birthday party ideas? Want to hear your kid scream “That was the best birthday party ever!”? You can! Just email or call us about hosting your child’s birthday party at Escape Virtual Reality and leave the details to us. Sit back, relax and let our fun party host lead the kids in our outstanding virtual games, and then continue the fun in the party room.

Who said adults don’t like to celebrate their Birthdays? We are here for you!

What about bringing your child’s or your own sports team to celebrate another victory?

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School Trips

Field trips are not only fun, but also provide lessons and experiences. Human memory, especially of those who are still in school, is based on what they see and see directly, not on what they hear only. Escape Virtual Reality shows how latest technologies can benefit the school-age kids. The kids will able to link these memories to school lessons. Programs are varied depending on group’s focus and age.

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Private Events

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Date Night

The XVR Lounge can offer a fun, unique night out with your significant other. Plenty of our games have some great two player multiplayer. Some are competitive, letting you go against each other and others are cooperative, letting you work together in the same team.

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